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As we see a considerable rise in the adoption of AI across various industries' applications (i.e.: video analytics, systems optimisation, etc) What are some of the roles this technology can bring or disrupt in the built environment sector?

Given the unpredictable and volatile nature of both our environment (climate change) and social demands (i.e. : tenancy occupancy), how can we effectively design engineering systems that will reduce the impact of failure.

Collaboration between different teams of building professionals such as architects, different types of engineers and a network of the general contractor and subcontractors is crucial in the development of a successful building project. But these t... (More)

BIM requires much upfront capital such as software licensing, retraining of staff, hiring of new staff etc. In addition, it is very time consuming to implement. Does it really make sense for us to use it or is it just an unrealistic vision for the... (More)

With BIM, traditional role of QS to do budget estimation could be taken over by click of a button. How should the QS role evolve with these changes

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