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There are many benefits in transforming the construction industry to make it more productive, profitable, safe and sustainable through digitization and offsite construction but why is there low industry uptake?

Integrated sensor systems are a prerequisite for developing the concept of smart cities in practice because individual sensors can hardly meet the demands of the smart cities for complex information. So what is the basic architecture layers requir... (More)

Are there industry standards for BIM that covers the whole suite through entire delivery including operations? Also regarding the concern on cybersecurity, any standards on how we can ensure that these models are safe from unauthorized manipulation?

In a smart city, big data plays an important role in processing data collected through IoT devices so that further analysis can be made to recognize the patterns and needs in the city. But how can we better extract value out of them to justify the... (More)

Spalling concrete is a recurring problem in my unit. Is there a cause for concern? How can I prevent it from happening once and for all?

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